Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Time!

What I love about Christmas time, well the spirit of the holiday itself if important to me. The hubby and I don't exchange gifts with each other, we do give them to family and friends. One we are very fortunate to be able to buy what we need or want at any given time and seems silly to spend a bunch of money just because it is the holidays. So we try to remind ourselves what it is all about and do a little extra for others. I enjoy that.

I enjoy seeing the excitment and wonder of children during the holidays it is just so magical to them and to remember when it was like that for me as a child is a warm and fuzzy memory.

Even though I am an only child Christmas was a big family tradition, my fathers parents came for breakfast on Christmas morning, we went to my mothers parents for dinner and all the cousins etc would be there. It was a wonderful time and a wonderful memory.

We always had a live tree and my uncle made a special stand for it. It was tradition that my mother and I decorate it after my dad put it up, as I got older that tradition grew to include wine, which spawn another tradition having to redecorate the tree the morning after! My dad would get up the next morning and just shake his head as mom and I tried to make the tree more presentable.

Another tradition was my grandmother on dad's side making potato candy. It was so good and I have never been able to duplicate it. But it was made with rolled out potatos with peanut butter spread on it and rolled into a log and chilled in the frig. It was super sweet and I loved it as a kid. Every time I try to make it, it turns into potato and sugar soup!LOL

What are some of your favorite holiday memories?

On the Knitting front, scarf for neighbor not done yet, plan on pulling an all nighter tonight. It is about half done and it will need a matching hat, plus a set for her hubby!

Well off to knit! My you have fly fingers this weekend if you are also trying to finish up Christmas projects!

Happy Knitting!


NH Knitting Mama said...

Good luck with your holiday knit-athon!

Thanks for sharing your memories.

Margaret said...

Wonderful Christmas memories! Hope you get all your knitting done! I've just got one mitt left for the Hubs, then I'm done with obligatory knitting, and it's on to fun stuff.