Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wees had an exciting night

Mommy went to bed early last night so being the good companion that I ams, I went wif her. But by twos in the morning mees and mollys was bored. So wees protrolled the house. Mollys took the den and saw an intruder so she called for mees. I confirmed there was in fact a vicious intruder lurking near the fence.
I wanted to save my beautiful falcetto voice for when the intruder actually came ontos our property, but Mollys couldn't wait and having a voice of a car alarm she sounded the warning. I could hears mommy running up the hallway in her slippers. She came to the door by humans having poor eyes couldn't sees the intruder and so she opened the door and out we went, that stinking bunny rabbit won't come back for a long times. We ran up to the fence and told it to get away and not eat our mommys mums.
Mollys and I checked rest of the yard and everthings was fine, so we went back to bed. Mommys petted us and said we did a good job sounding the intruder alert, but maybe bunnies weren't so dangerous! NO Appreciation, I tells you!

Lily B. Hound


Nichole said...

Good job Lily!!!! Mommy is proud of you, I'm sure!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Cute post!

Donna said...

Lily, You are one brave, cool pup. Could you post a picture. I would like to, I mean see what such a brave girl looks like. to go my human is coming and she dosen't like me on her computer. But don't forget the picture.....woof..woof..Oliver

Devin said...

That is awesome! Thanks for brightening my Friday morning!