Friday, October 26, 2007

Rain, Rain!

We are finally getting rain and I mean real rain with thunder and downpours and everything it is great. It has been raining for two days and I think we got two inches yesterday. Today has been even more. It isn't enough really to get us back to where we need to be with the water table but it is much needed.

Here is a sunrise the day the clouds started to roll in it. What a wonderful sight.

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And a little nature shot from lunch yesterday. It was raining so it is a little unclear but there are beautiful red berries on the tree.

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I took the day off despite having to play 20 questions with my boss as to why I wanted the whole day off. I mean please! I have the leave and we have three people in Fridays. Anyway, ya'll keep your fingers crossed I've had two interviews this week. Something has to happen soon! So after my interview this morning, I came home with the intention of takeing the truck for inspection but that is when the downpours started and I didn't want to deal with the traffic with that. So I waited and thought it would stop, it didn't so the truck will have to wait until tomorrow and I took Molly to the vet instead. She her annual check up and the vet said for 11 years old she looks wonderful!Hooray, Molly! He didn't really like that I don't feed her very much commercial food, but there are two houses of thought on that issue and both old fast to their beliefs. One of the vets thinks its fine I feed the girls, steamed rice, pasta, baked or boiled chicken, liver and raw beef. I don't feed them anything I wouldn't feed my family. they do get a high quality kibble mixed in and vitamins so I don't think they are missing anything and he did say before he knew that, she looks darned good for 11 years old. She still acts like a pup too, runs and plays with Lily who is only 2 1/2. So unless something happens to make me change my mind they are going to continue to get their diet I prepare for them. Also, this diet had helped Rosie's skin allergies tremendously. She still has issues but nothing like she used to and her coat is so soft and shiny. So he means well I know but my girls are doing great and I see no reason to upset a good thing. But, love our vet just the same.

In knitting news, still working on the scarf and jacket, not much change there, sadly.

Hope everyone is planning to enjoy their weekend! Great weather here for more knitting!

Happy Fall ya'll

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Nichole said...

Yeah for Molly! Sounds like you're giving your kids just what they need.

Great pics!