Friday, September 28, 2007

You Can Lead a Dog to Grass. . .

Lately Rosie has developed a new quirk. We take her out the back door with the other dogs to do their business or play or whatever. Normally, once outside all the dogs go to at least the edge of the grass and get business taken care of before running off to play. Not Rosie. Now she has never liked going into the grass because of her allergies and will avoid it at all costs, but lately there's a new twist. She won't do anything when we take her out, I mean we can sit out there for an hour waiting on her, nothing.
So my hubby had the idea to try something different. He took her back in the house and out into the same back yard but through the side door of the garage...BINGO! Instant business! Why? I have no idea, but that is what we have been having to do all week. Quirky.

Hey today is Friday and guess what!? I am off! Yep thats right I took the day off. I have the whole house to myself. I can play my music loud, watch chick flicks and knit! Sweet!
I mentioned once before work was getting a little crazy well in the interest of not allowing them to drive me crazy I told my boss I wanted a mental health day. He started to laugh until he realized I wasn't kidding. I told him Planning and Postal both started with "P" and it I needed a break. He signed the leave slip right away. Hey whatever works. So plans for the day? Yep your right, seaming up that sweater!
I also, have started a scarf and another baby bog jacket. So I will busy busy today.

Oh and guess what, you remember the very nice lady who gave me the fleece for me to get started with on my spinning wheel? Terri with the sheep and the dogs and the lovely little farm, well she has more fleece, but here's the exciting part, she has some from some sheep she has lost and it is a small herd and very dear to her, so she has asked if I would be willing to spin the wool into yarn and make her a keepsake blanket to remember the sheep she has lost! OH My Gosh! I would be so honored to do that for her! So part of the day will be more spinning practice because while the thought of doing something so special for someone is amazing, I certainly want it to be perfect so practice practice practice!
Also, earlier this week I finished a scarf and hat for a friend's little girl for Christmas pics to come this afternoon.

And thank you everyone for all your wonderful suggestions on my southwest scarf question. I also, stopped by Knitting Sisters and talked to Meg and she gave me a couple of good ideas as well so here's the plan.
I'm going to knit up a swatch, print off some knitting graph paper and make my own design (A first) and then knit in fair isle in the round. This could get interesting we are tackling a lot of firsts here. Naturally I will post pictures along the way.

Well, I'd better get started this morning lots to do, lots to do!

Happy Knitting ya'll!


tash said...

Dogs are funny aren't they? I know some dogs are very funny about their routines and what they will and won't do. I guess that's what makes them the little furry wonders that they are!

Enjoy your day off, it sounds heavenly and getting it of for sanity reasons was excellent! I'm off to watch a film and do some much-needed knitting.

Nichole said...

Im jealous you live near Knitting Sisters! I got to visit 2 years ago when we went to Richmond, VA for the race. GREAT shop... I need to get me one of their logo tote bags!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Congrats on having a day to yourself - how fun!

I wonder what it is with the dog. I love the quirks that pets have, and it's even funnier when you can figure out the "why" of them.