Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Dog on Thursday

Well let me start with a bit of good news. After a second blood test we were able to confirm that Molly does not have hypothyroidism. Her first regular six month blood work showed levels in the gray area so we did a T4 to double check and it came back negative so we are in the clear. I'm so happy. I was reading up on it and she does not have any symptoms other than dry sking on her back, which could be caused by other things, we have increased her red meats. But not seen a big change yet.
She also had a good week, from her point of view in that she finally caught a rabbit. She has been chasing squirrels and rabbits out of our yard for years and never caught one. She caught the bunny she left it on the patio and went and laid down. Hubby found the poor thing and took it away. Molly didn't seem interested anymore. My guess it she thought it was fun to chase but didn't really know what to do when she actually caught it.

The other girls are fine this week, it is a little cooler and less humid which is always a good thing for Rosie.


Nichole said...

Glad to hear Molly is doing well... sorry about the bunny...

Paula said...

Oh that is good Molly does not have hypothyroidism.
Poor dog. I am glad Rosie is doing better too.
It has finally cooled off here in the evenings so we have been taking Elise on short walks.
The humid weather has been awful this year.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Lots of activity at your house! How are you doing?