Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, Monday

I have been away from the blog this weekend. I didn't even turn my computer on yesterday. It was a beautiful weekend here compared to the heat and humidity we endured last week. It was in the 80s with very low humidity, I did my best to stay outside and enjoy it as much as possible. It was very eventful weekend.
First it was my birthday, one of those milestone birthdays you'd really rather not to think too much about. So we went out to celebrate and the hubby gave me a new sewing machine! Woot! A Kenmore, I'm very exciting and already planning little projects to try out on it. I have no sewing experience to speak of so this will be fun. Learning lots of new skills this year.
Friday night when we got home we had to move our cars because the neighbors across the street were having a large tree cut down and we didn't want to take a chance on anything hitting one of the cars. In the process of pulling my car up in front of my nieghbor next door's house I notice water running in the yard. Turns out they have a broken water pipe and couldn't get anyone to fix it until either today or tomorrow and so they have been without water since Friday night. We are letting them use ours of course, they are a retired couple and I am just glad it wasn't the electricity that went out and they not have AC. So we have had all sorts of exciting things going on.
I got lots of knitting done on the sweater, but had to rip it back to the collar and start over for the back. Then I sat it down on the tablem next to my "knittin" chair and got up to do something. I came back and the ball of yarn connected to my sweater was strung across three rooms! Lily had struck! Luckily there was no basset slobber on it but now I have a wad of yarn to try to untangle for my sweater. Ug! This is her second offense in this area and she is getting ready to puppy jail if she does it again! I am going to not let her in the room when I am knitting. Of course I could have put it back in my bag but I was only going to be away for a minute or so. Good grief. I'm lucky she didn't decide she liked the sweater too!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Happy Knitting.


Nichole said...

Lola says to tell Lily to leave Mommy's pretty colored string be... it only gets you in trouble! lol

NH Knitting Mama said...

Happy Birthday, my friend!

How is the house stuff going?

KimT said...

Happy Birthday!