Friday, August 17, 2007

Its Friday... lalalalala!

Well, I'm not sure where the week went, I feel like I am in some sort of time warp. I stayed home on Wednesday and literally knitted on the sweater all day! And it doesn't look like I have gotten any further than I was when I started. I did two rows in the car yesterday, and one this morning. But where they are I have no idea, I can't see any progress on this thing, it is driving me nuts! Did I mention this was supposed to be a project for someone without a lot of time. What sort of clock do they use? Seriously! I have so many other projects just bursting out of the stash bin it isn't even funny. I haven't started on the holidays yet?!
I missed my Dogs on Thursday post again, how does that happen to me? It isn't like I can forgot about my little dev.. I mean angels. We had one heck of a storm last night and it bothered Rosie for some reason, she started panting LOUDLY at 1am so I thought perhaps she was too hot, so I encouraged her to get off the bed and go lay in the floor in front of one of many fans on in the room. But instead she insisted on trying to fit her 50lbs of bulldog self under my little three legged night stand. You can imagine the scene right? She panting loudly it is not reverbrating off the bottom of the table which has a phone and several books balanced on it and the hubby trying to sleep. So I coax out from under the table but now I am awake and so is the basset hound, so up I get. Let her outside because she is whining, but she sees the rain and doesn't want to go out. Now the Golden is up she goes out. And i'm wide awake. Then the thunder sounded like it was right on top of the house and it shook the windows.
I also tried spinning on Wednesday I can honestly say that was not successful. Need more practice. I got it to spin, but I think I have it too tight it kept breaking. So I will try and try again.
Since I have on real knitting progress to report, I will leave you with some puppy cuteness.
This is Lily when she was about 2 1/2 months old.

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This is Lily now at 2 1/2 years.
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Nichole said...

OMG - look at that pudgy little puppy dog!!! :)
Our dogs do the same with storms... you aint' seen nothing until you see a 125 pound dog try to hide in his "bat cave" (i.e. tiny, tiny corner of the bedroom)..... lol Or their Mom sitting on the floor in the NARROW hallway with 3 dogs trying to squish in on her lap until the storm passes.......

Margaret said...

What a darling puppy she was! Big sad puppy eyes, awwww.

Try sort of a park and draft with the wheel, like on a drop spindle. What I mean is, stop treadling for a moment if you need to to let your drafting catch up to how much twist you've got built up. Pretty soon you'll start drafting faster and it will become a smooth continuous process. Also maybe try adjusting your tension, depending on how it feels to you - a little tighter will draw the spun single on more quickly before so much twist builds up, a little looser and it won't feel like the wheel is yanking the fiber out of your hands.
HTH, 73

Paula said...

Oh those are such sweet doggies.
I am late with Dogs on Thursday this week myself. I am sorry. Your post is wonderful! and I just loved the picture in my mind of Rosie trying to get under the 3 legged table. Elise weighs about 50 lbs now and she is always tring to get in places she no longer fits!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Pets and children... don't matter - when there is a storm they want to hide with their Momma.