Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's Five What?

It is 5:30am, yes am on a Sunday morning and I am blogging, are you kidding me? Anyway who knows me even slightly can probably tell you that I am not a morning person, I in no way resemble a morning person even at my very best. I am a night owl and normally the only way I would be blogging or even have my eyes open at this time of day is if I had stayed up the night before.
But, Miss Lily has an internal clock and during the week the hubby is up between now and 6am, so she is up and wanting to go out and then come in and play and do anything but go back to bed, so here we are. I'm blogging because I'm do not trust myself to knit at this hour and Lily is laying in the floor chewing on a chew bone. The hubby and the other two dogs...sound asleep in the bedroom. Although Molly did get up with us briefly to venture outside but once she was done and came back in she had enough sense to head straight back to the bedroom. LOL. I am hoping Lily outgrows this one day. But my little baby basset (2 1/2) is a morning dog, Ug!

In other news, I had to rip back part of the sweater sleeve again, I just don't know why I am cursed with this easy pattern, I keep making mistakes. It is like moths have taken control of the universe and are plotting against the knitters. They are causing all sorts of atmospheric disturbances that in turn cause knitters to do silly things like drop stitches and not notice it for six rows or something like that. Where is Jean Luc Picard when we need him? He can blast those Klingon-like moth creatures out of the Universe, making it safe for knitters everywhere.

Okay....hazards of blogging at too early an hour, the mind starts to come up with all sorts of crazy ideas.

I've called off the house hunting until next spring. Right now I don't think is a good time to sell my house, the houses around here have stopped coming up on the market and I don't want to put mine up and then have it sit for months. I live very close to two military bases and a commutable distance from two others, in the spring the military families will start moving again and I will have a better chance of selling this house. Plus, I think I just need a break from it.

This weekend is to be a productive weekend, I was helping the hubby load up some scrap wood and junk that needed to go to the landfill when I thought the driver side tire looked low, we thought, it was because of the weight of the stuff in the truck, so we went on. Come home and looked again, there was a philips head screw in my tire! So all productive activities at the house had to be stopped and off we went to the nearest tire place to have it fixed. They were great and had it fixed in about half an hour. I used that time to stop and nearby stores and pickup a few things for the home projects, we will now tackle that we plan not to put the house up. Things the realtors tell you not to worry about, but they bother me so now they get handled and hopefully the house will get a better price in the spring as well.

Wait....things are suddenly very quiet here, where's the basset hound?

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Great! now she is sleepy again. I'm awake in full blog mode had half a glass of rasberry soda to jolt me awake and she is on the ottoman looking sleepy. Silly dog.

So where was I? Houses and such, okay so taking a break from the house hunting thing. Applying for more professional position at work, keep your fingers crossed I'd hate to think this degree was for nothing.

I bought some scallops and shrimp at the grocery store yesterday so planning a little seafood feast tonight for dinner. Introducing the hubby to more and more seafood items. He recently discovered the joys of sea scallops.

We went to Bass Pro Shop yesterday I love that store they have everything! Including a variety of Crocs! I love Crocs! I for some strange reason managed to leave the the store yesterday without a pair though, not sure how that happened. They even had the new fleece lined ones for winter in already! Love'em!

Well, I'm starting to wake up a little more and the sun is coming up, maybe I could manage a few rows of knitting safely, now.

Happy Knitting!


NH Knitting Mama said...

I feel your pain. I have had many projects at work lately, and decided at 6:00 this morning that I would go to work and get some stuff done. Came home at 11:00! I feel exhausted now, but I'm looking at a much more relaxing day tomorrow!

tash said...

I definitely couldn't knit at that time of the morning - but I do love the sunrise, especially getting up to let the hens out at the beginning of a long, warm day. We often see red squirrels and hear the dawn chorus, it's very beautiful. Our dog sleeps until you wake her, she's been through the puppy phase and has come out the other side!