Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Really, can it true that it is only Wednesday? I am so looking forward to the weekend. I don't normally talk about work because I like to keep this a stress free zone, but I just have to say, that work this week has been the worst. People who are normally the sweetest people and you thought to be your "work friends" are having Jeckel and Hyde moments. I am so ticked off. I don't normally befriend people I work with for this reason it always seems to complicate things, well I don't know why I thought this place was different than any other I worked at?! But, I did and I got burned, lesson learned again.

I did get my Harry Potter book on yesterday, but to give you an idea of just how bad my day was yesterday when I got home I didn't even feel like reading it! I just sat mulling over the day and trying to figure out how people can be so mean.

Today is better because the majority of the people in the office are at a conference the rest of the week.
I did manage to read six chapters in bed last night and plan to do a little at lunch time today, although I have an errand to run first.

Knitting is slow I am getting about 45 minutes in the morning on the way to work. So I'm making a little progress on multiple projects at the same time.

On the house hunting front, I feel like I am in some sort of parallel deminsion, we went and looked at a house I thought for sure the hubby would put an offer on, and he still might want to but now he is telling me to go see the house that I liked so much in the beginning again because he might think that is the better deal. UG! I mean I'm happy at the prospect of possibly being able to get my "fav" house but geeze if he had just listened to me in the beginning it would have saved so much time!

Well lunch time,

Happy knitting


Nichole said...

I second the stress this week... I swear there's something in the air. Work, friends, people you thought were friends.... ugh. See my blog for my thoughts for today & yesterady. ;-)
The full moon isn't even for another 2 1/2 weeks........

NH Knitting Mama said...

I have read that a few of my friends are having the same kind of week, there is something cosmic going on. Don't worry, these things pass.

Keep your chin up, it will get better. You'll be into the new HP book before you know it.