Monday, July 23, 2007

No Harry Potter!

Can you believe this, I pre-ordered I received several emails from the bookstore telling me how they were shipping books out at a certain so that I will receive my book on Saturday. Today is Monday, my book is in the western part of the state! Not even due to arrive in my area for delivery until tomorrow! I would have gone to the store and stood in line if I had known they weren't really going to get my book to me, I mean what was the point of the pre-order?
I realize I'm ranting and I apologize, it does leave me more time for knitting and much needed carding, but some how that does not dampen my temper at the moment.
I did send off a scathing email asking the company what they plan to do to fix this problem and to keep from losing a costumer, no response, perhaps I will hear from them on the 24th as well! UG!


NH Knitting Mama said...

Un-freakin' real. I agree with you, why pre-order!?

I have not read the series, but I feel for you...

Paula said...

I am impatiently awaiting my copy of the 7th Harry to land on my doorstep!
I ordered late though (by 2 days after the pre-orders)and now it is on back order!!! Should be here anyday!
I wasn't stressed about it until I finishe dthe 6th book last night, now I must find out what happens!