Thursday, July 5, 2007

Back to work

Back to work today. But, hey I only have to work today and tomorrow and off again, so that can't be bad right? I mean we should make 5 day weekends and 2 day work weeks the norm don't you agree?
Well I don't have the wheel together yet, but I am making progress. It is taking longer to stain than I thought but that is okay I want it to be perfect and it is taking some time. I plan to put the polyurethane on it tonight let it dry and check it tomorrow. Ideally, I will have it together this weekend and can begin spinning.

While staining Tuesday, I also scoured wool. This is also a lengthy process and I don't think the literature out there gives enough info on removing vegatation this is a challenge. I am keep notes to share as I go along in this process. Most books give it a sentence or two and frankly I think a chapter could be written on this process alone. This does not include the "degreasing" part, which is quiet fun actually especially the wuzzing. That is where you stuff the wool into a leg of a panty hose and swing it around your head until all the water is out of it. I can tell you this brings curious looks from neighbors and passersby, especially when you live on the corner! LOL. The dogs just think I'm nuts!

So far the process goes like this:
I bought two 30 gallon tubs with lids (so they can be dual purpose)Put on in the sun so that it can be warmed but not too hot add soap. Soap is a vague term. Apparently, laundry detergent is not appropriate. I tried Borax that seemed to work and have read recommendations of degreasing dish detergent, which I may try. I started with the white fleece because I have more of that and if I mess up a little bit of it, it wouldn't be as big a loss as if I messed up the yummy dark wool.
I used a rake comb (I borrowed it from the dogs) to help separate the fibers and get the vegatation loose and then I would shake it out. That helps and it also helps for it to come out in the scouring process too. This can be quite a chore depending on the amount of stuff in there! I found whole kernels of corn in there. LOL. But, there is something relaxing about sitting outside in the shade flicking the wool and scouring it. Timeless sort of, it could be the 21st century or the 18th. I thought of all the women who have sat and done this before me. It was very interesting.

The first small batch is dry and ready for carding. Of course my carders are on the table drying from the stain I put on them. LOL.

I have pictures of this process. I will pull them off the camera tonight and post them I promise. I will take more this weekend as well.

For now, Happy Knitting


NH Knitting Mama said...

I'm laughing at the visual of you swinging the pantyhose over your head. Only knitters/spinners/fiber people understand the things we do for our craft.

How is your foot?

KimT said...

can we get a petition going on the 5 day weekends/2 day work week? Its pure genius!