Friday, June 1, 2007

Totally Bummed

Well I got a call from the realtor, they house that I liked from yesterday already has a contract on it.

Here's the short story: The house is a cape cod with wrap around porch, it is currently divided into three apartments. This would require us to remove on small portion of a wall to reopen a door and remove the kitchen applinces. Not a big deal in my opinion. Otherwise the house is adorable! All kinds of nooks and crannies.
But, as my agent and I pulled up to the house the listing agent was just finishing up with some other clients. They apparently beat me to it.
The person who owns this house owns several others on the same street but they will be priced out of my range when they come on the market.

So today I went and looked at another house, but it was a no go.
So back to the drawing board and waiting for this house my realtor is buying and renovating and I have first dibs on if I like it. But the thing is I haven't been in it yet.
It certainly as a lot of potential, but most definitly needs a lot of work. It hasn't been well cared for. But the timing might be better and the price maybe be more to my liking. So hopefully I can get in there to see it next week before renovations start.
This whole process is stressing me out and it shouldn't. I haven't been sleeping and I'm a little tired which makes my stress level go up. I don't mean to sound whiney.

On the brighter side I have started the arm holes of the tank top I'm working on.

Happy Weekend!


KimT said...

the knitting will help your stress. i have never bought a home, but i understanding that its a huge deal. hang in there!

Amanda1 said...

Milly, I'm sorry about the house! When hubby and I were looking at houses this go-round, the house we wanted went under contract. We looked at a few others, but our hearts were set. My a miracle that only God knows, the contract fell through and we ended up with our dream house.

The right thing will come along.