Saturday, June 9, 2007

Super Sweet Saturday

Okay, for a brief period today I was feeling sort of bummed at the thought that my big plans for the day were to go to the grocery store and the hardware store.
I know there are worse things in life, but you have to understand I have a very strong distain for grocery shopping, I don't have the patience for for I tell you. People clogging up the aisle because they just can't decide which box of cerel to buy, or picking up each and every package of meat to see which one they want. I mean please, have you never bought cerel or meat before? Not to pick on the meat eating folks but you vegans are just as bad over a freaking orange okay? And the families, is it really necessary that the "whole" family go shopping, I mean six kids and three baskets is a traffic jam waiting to happen is it not? That oldest looking one with the piercing couldn't stay home and babysit half of the others? Its like this I have a list, I have been in this store before I know where everything is. I need to two things and two things only, and that is get in and get out. Please clear a path people!

Okay I seemed to have gotten a little carried away, shopping isn't my thing as you can see.
So with all of that to look forward to today I was thinking I needed something fun to do. I started the day with a little knitting, always a good way to start the day.
Then I decided to play on the computer a little, and in my inbox I had it! Yes! My invitation to join Raverly! Well, that took care of the afternoon right there! I immediately logged in and began photographing and logging my stash, my projects, past and present I was a computing fool! I was having such a great time, the hubby kept coming in to check on me and shaking his head as he left each time, after asking silly silly questions like "why are you taking pictures of the yarn?" Duh! to keep track of my stash! Silly husbands! Bet he can't pick out an orange either, poor dear.
Anyway, so having completed that task and deciding to take a break before entering my inventory of hooks and needles I checked my other email account....and lo an email from the lady who helped train my dogs. She raises sheep no less! And said that if I come out to the farm tomorrow there will be a bag of wool with my name on it! Are you freaking kidding me!? A bag of raw wool, freshly sheared by her from her sheep! I can't wait!
I'll take some pics of the donors for sure.
Now the fun part will be what the heck to do with it. I realize I have to wash it, there is a thing called skirting, not sure what that is, then I have to card it and spin it! Spinning! Unbelievable. I have to learn to spin. I have to buy a spinning wheel!
What? What do you mean when am I going to have time to learn to wash, card and spin raw wool, while trying to paint and declutter my house and look for a new one?
I figure I can shave a couple hours off the sleep time. I mean I havent' really been sleeping that great anyway and why lay there unproductive in bed at 4 in the morning when I could be spinning! Yeah that's what I'll do!
And you were worried! LOL.
So 4am spinning, 6am get ready for work, 7am hit the road and knit until I arrive at work. Lunch time look at houses, 5pm hit the road for home, more knitting. Evenings, care for dogs, hubby, dinner, household chores, bed. Simple, see I have it all worked out!
Now, I have to go buy carders and a spinning wheel,
Ideas, suggestions, thoughts are welcome!

On the knitting front: I am working on the front of the hoodie. I actually watched a movie this morning (I have to return it today)and got some morning knitting done. Here are pictures of the back waiting to be attached and the front in progress.
By the way the movie was Bobby, well done, but very depressing I thought. Makes me glad I was only 1 year old when all of that was going down. Geeze.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Happy Knitting!


Amanda1 said...

I'm sorry! I didn't realize you hadn't been invited to join Ravelry... I have 2 invites yet to use.

Sounds like the day was not a bust after all.

Amanda1 said...

Hi, Milly!

In response to your question: we are going to Chincoteague Island on the eastern shore. I've been there a few times in my life, but haven't been in a long time. I'm curious to see how it's changed.

If you ever come to New England, I'm happy to give you some tips on places to go. There is a lot to do up here!

Erica said...

hey Milly!

You won my blog contest! Check out this post here.

Thanks for checking out my blog and throwing a bear name into the ring! There's a prize waiting for you.


KimT said...

love the color on the hoody!