Monday, June 11, 2007

Semi Sweet

I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Due to a minor miscommunication, the wool will not be ready until next Saturday, which is good because that will give me time to read the books I checked out of the library on who to prepare and spin the wool. LOL.
Also, gives me time to order the necessary supplies. It isn't like I haven't known Terri was going to be shearing soon, I've just sort of been preoccupied and never got around to spending the necessary amount of money for the wheel and carders etc.
But that also gives me something to look forward to next weekend as well.
I still went out to her farm and Lily still got to play a little bit so it was good and we stopped at the nursing home on the way too, so it was a really good day.

I have finished the front of the hoodie and will start shaping the neck on the way home this evening. Then onto the sleeves. I can't believe how easy and quickly this project is going. I hope to have it all together by next weekend.

Tonight on the way home we are going to look at another house. This is the house I have written about before (at least I think I have) that the realtor is renovating and is really encouraging us to take a look at it. It really looks bad right now from the outside. The inside still has some junk in it that the previous owner decided to leave in it and allow the folks doing the renovations to trash it for her. Nice huh? But I want to get a feel for the layout of the house. I mean if this is the "one" then I can go ahead and let them know we want it and they tell us we can be involved in the renovation decisions like colors for the counter tops etc.
The location as far as proximity to work is only 4 miles can't beat that! The neighbor is older and is a mix of owners and renters so someplaces look in better conidition than others. Which is fine. I'd rather risk having a neighbor who didn't cut their grass as often as I do instead of living in an HOA controlled area. So that is the trade off.
I'll keep you posted on how this goes. Once again I am camera-less you think it would be permently residing my my car by now.

I'll post tomorrow what I find out about the house tonight.

Oh and I won a contest over at Knit Playground. Check out that blog. It is really nice. Erica has a nice blog and the cutest teddy bear she knitted. She was having a contest to name her bear and myself and three other people won! I'll post pics of my prize when it arrives. How cool is that?

Happy Knitting.

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Amanda1 said...

If this house ends up being the "one" you'll have to bring your camera with you so we can all see!

Seeing as you've had so much going on, you're excused for not having the camera (ha ha)...