Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hoodie and other things

The hooded sweatshirt is coming along pretty fast. I have just a few more rows and the back will be finished. It sure doesn't look big enough for a size 8 boy but what do I know. The yarn is so soft and again it is an acrylic blend, due to allergies in the family. It is a pretty blue I will take pictures of the back and hopefully be able to capture the color and show you. I will also get the official name of the yarn when I get home.

Alas, no knitting at lunch today. I decided to surprise the hubby and I met him for lunch. It was nice we had a sort of impromptu picnic with sandwiches and then went for a walk around Colonial Williamsburg. I wish I had my camera with me today, they have some new oxen I have not seen before very different than the ones they normally have and I wanted to get pictures of them. They were quite huge!
It is also very warm here today around 90F I think. I was feeling it by the time we got back that is for sure. So consquently no knitting. But I can get some done on the way home tonight. Been so busy in the evenings havn't had much chance to sit and knit. It was 9pm last night before I was able to pick up the needles. But hey time is time.

I have painting to do this weekend again. But we are getting closer to getting this stuff finished and I will be so happy. I'm ready to get this ball moving. I am getting tired of the house hunting, my attention span for this sort of thing isn't very long.

Also yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary! Doesn't seem like 12 years at all. We didn't do anything terribly special, too many other things going on right now. And I did get a lovely ring for our 10th year so that should hold me for a while. LOL.

Well I hope everyone is staying cool if your hot and warm if your cool today.
Happy Knitting,

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Amanda1 said...

Happy Anniversary!

Good luck with your continuing house hunt. It's worth it... you're going to find the perfect house and the stress will be over shortly after that.