Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Half Way There

Well, we are half way through the week, the weekend is looming like the light at the end of the tunnel. I am looking forward to it, more so than usual, it has been a long week so far. One of my final activities last weekend was to in my typical graceful way, fall down the steps and break my foot. It has been very uncomfortable and I haven't been able to sleep well. Last night was the worst for some reason. I couldn't get comfortable with my foot and I felt like the room was stuffy. Lily and I ended up going in the other room as not to keep everyone awake all night. The couch is not a particularly comfy but what is at this point.

The good news, yes there is good news here....I finished the knitting of the hoodie. I plan to start piecing together at lunch time today. That is if I don't stretch out in the truck and take a nap, which is highly possible. Since I have put off running errands I really have to stop by the store on the way home this evening or my poor hubby might starve. So the nap is tempting, but I really want to get this hoodie done also. Oh decisions decisions!

Okay, I was talking about knitting, must focus on knitting not napping! If I can get this hoodie pieced together today and blocked by tomorrow, then I can start on my next Baby Bog Jacket in pastel yellow for my other cousin's baby! All my cousin's seem to have babies! But that is okay good practice on baby clothes.

I also found a place local that offers spinning classes. But the next one in July I can't attend due to a board meeting after work so the next one isn't until August and I didn't want to wait that long. But I will probably go ahead and start trying my hand at spinning and take the class in August I'm sure I will still learn a lot from it. Thanks Margaret.

Lots of folks are traveling these days, makes me yearn for green pastures! Check out Amanda and The Yarn Harlot, they both have amazing pictures of Maine and Alaska!

Happy Knitting Everyone!


KimT said...

looking forward to seeing the finished hoodie!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Hello, there! Thanks for the plug at the end of the post (though without a link I don't know who will find me - I'm definitely not as famous as the Harlot) ha ha ha ha!

I'm sorry about your foot! Are you able to get around at all? I know sometimes with pain meds the docs make you stay home and rest.

Can you send me your address? I think you have my email, but just in case:
nhknittingmama AT COMCAST.NET