Monday, May 21, 2007


I finished the sock, it is currently being blocked and will get shipped out this week. I'm totally excited, however, they have been dubbed the "ugly socks" I will post a pic (maybe) I followed the pattern exactly, double checked and frogged it twice to ensure accuracy. They are still ugly. I don't know why I can't figure it out. They are a nice wine color but I don't know ugly as homemade sin.
I had another pair of socks that I had run out of yarn for and found something close, never did find the exact match despite the best efforts of the ladies at Knitting Sisters. They are for Larry and they look a little more stylish.

I have started a kidlet tank top by Boogie Knits, I have chosen a hot pink for my cousin's oldest daughter. I am working on the 2x2 ribbing, I am not a fan right now if the ribbing I have frogged it twice already.

I have found an extra 45 minutes a day for knitting! Yes! My hubby started a new job today not far from where I work so we are now carpooling. He drove today so I was able to sit back and knit the whole way to work! Awesome! Since I was dropped off at work and no means for going anywhere at lunch time so I will have some time at lunch for more knitting!

Well that is all for now, happy knitting!


Amanda1 said...

You're so lucky you can knit in the car. I try everytime I get the opportunity, but end up carsick.

Come on, post the pics. Let us decide!

Lucy said...

Ah...what I wouldn't do for an extra 45 minutes!!!!