Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Secret Pal

I signed up for the secret pal and knit a long for Interweave Knits new book No Sheep for You. The requirements are to send a secret pal a ball of non-wool yarn in June and again in July. I think this is going to be great fun. I have only used wool, acrylic and cotton so the chance to try something different is fun and exciting!
I sent my secret pal and introduction email and can't wait for June to send my SP a package with yarn!

It's Wednesday and it looks wonderful outside. I am torn as to what to do on my lunch break today, walk in the woods or knit? The sock is half way done. I've turned the heel and ready to start the foot. I plan to have that ready to send off this weekend!

Projects in prepartion for selling the house are in full swing. Tonight is rip the carpet out of the closets in the bedroom night. Dinner will have to be a low maintenance dish like steamed rice and something. Something I can do while hubby rips carpet and I sand floors.

We bought the largest bucket of white paint they sell at the do it yourself center and will be painting the remainder of the week and weekend. I want to be ready to sell and pounce if "the" house should present itself.

I had one I liked but it is already under contract which is a real bummer because without seeing the inside, it was really cute! And I really had a good feeling about that house gave me the warm and fuzzies. But there will be others I'm sure.

I'll keep you posted on my house hunting adventures!

Happy Knitting!


Amanda1 said...

Glad to hear your projects are moving along for you.

So, did you end up knitting or walking in the woods?

letah75 said...

I've tagged you with the 8 Random Things.

Milly said...

I ended up knitting, but this sock is soooo close I just had to work on it. LOL

Amanda1 said...

You've been tagged! Check my blog...

Amanda1 said...

Hi, Milly!

I just got your message... we'll be in Virginia from the 23-30th of June.