Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reasons why to hang up when talking to the mechanic

Okay, so this week is going to test me I realize that. I have to pony up and deal with it. No problem. I have a library of resources in my head for dealing with various situations. Stress at work, get out of the office for at least an hour. Stress at home, go in to "my" room and do something, or take the dog for a walk for at least an hour. Lots of things on your mind all at once, knit. Stuck in traffic, knit ( as long as hubby is driving)
This morning I dropped the RV off to have its exhaust leak repaired. I made a mistake and thought the repair shop opened at 7am, it opened at 8am. I was on my way to work I couldn't go home and come back so I made the decision to leave the keys in it unlocked and go on. The hubby was not at all pleased with this idea, but having no alternative, chose to go along and only mildly grumble about my choice of hiding places for the keys. So I knit.
When I call the mechanic at 8am to tell him why there is an RV in his parking lot and what needs to be fix and he responds with silence, I begin to wonder if he is still there. I say hello, again, he says oh i'm sorry I was distracted by the car in the parking lot that is on fire. Hmm, your mechanic tells you he is watching a car burn in his parking lot, this is not something I deal with regularly nor I imagine many of us do, so here's a tip, if your on the phone with your mechanic discussing some mundane repair for your vehicle and he is watching a car burn while being kind enough to listen to your problems, hang up!
Someone is obviously is having a rougher day than you are.
No chance that burning car was parked next to the RV saving me the cost of repairs and the headache of selling it. Okay that was a little twisted thought I know but I just took my first sip of caffine for the morning and it is nearly 10am. I am not responsible for my thoughts at this time.

on the knitting front, despite having so many other things going on right now I am getting an amazing amount of knitting done. The pink tank top is coming along nicely and with any luck will have it finished by this weekend's end. (Again, it is the lack of caffine) I got about two hours worth of knitting done last night and more this morning on the way to work. I plan to do more at lunch time if possible.

Happy Knitting!

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Amanda1 said...

Oh, boy... I can't believe someone's car was on fire. I thought my day was rough!