Monday, May 14, 2007

Lackluster Monday

I am having a lackluster day. Not sure why I can't put my finger on any one thing and say okay this is causing me to have a bad day. But I feel cranky for no real reason. I am supposed to go the nursing home this evening and not at all in the mood to deal with that. In the mean time the hubby is going to pick up a small vat of white paint so that we may proceed to paint all that surrounds us in our house in preparation of selling the thing. I am quite motivated in this are and going to the nursing home will only take away from the time I could spend painting or tossing away stuff I have no intention of packing up and moving.
I called about a house I found that is so cute and sort of cottage"y" but it is under contract, of course! But the agent said if it didn't go through she could call me. Well I have about two more weeks worth of work to do around my house so maybe the timing was off.
Also, I have a co-worker who is very interested in buying my house, but while that would be super convenient for me, because I wouldn't have to list the property with an agent and worry about people tramping through the house, I worry it could make things weird at work. Maybe I'm just paranoid. But the yarn told me to be careful, you should pay close attention to signs from the yarn, it is wise and could make your knitting life hell if you don't.
The weekend was okay despite being a long weekend. I had Friday off and stayed home all day and did stuff like clean out closets and do laundry. Saturday we took all the stuff I removed from the closet to the good will store and donated it. Sunday in the morning the weather was just awful, only in the low 60s, with strong winds and overcast. I took a nap.
I did manage to finish the sock, and start is mate. I got three inches done yesterday, five if you count the two I had to frog.
I started the heel flap today at lunch. The second one really does go much faster than the first, who knew?!
I can't wait to drop them in the mail to my dear friend.
Well, happy knitting.

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Amanda1 said...

Well, Monday may have been lackluster for you, but at least you got some stuff done over the weekend. Good for you for getting rid of some of the stuff you didn't need anymore.

I'm sending good vibes your way so tomorrow will hopefully be better for you!