Friday, May 4, 2007

I'm so surprised!

I shared pics of the baby jacket with some friends who knew I was learning how to knit one. I thought it came out pretty good, but was truly shocked when they started asking me if I would make one for them or their child!
Wow, I was like "uh sure" So I know have an order for one adult and 6 baby/toddler jackets!
Guess I better get to knitt'n! LOL

And it's Friday whoohoo! The weekend is here, the Queen is in town, many of my co-workers got to see her this morning. Our office had ticekts and we had a lottery for who would get to go see her and the Vice President.

I'm holding down the fort here as you can see, but I watched the live feed it looked nice.

Happy Knitting!


Amanda1 said...

Perhaps its time to start figuring out what to charge for your knitting! ha ha... Sounds like you'd have a pretty good income going!

Milly said...

Thanks Amanda,
Well, I did tell one c-worker that if she bought the yarn I would make her a jacket.