Thursday, May 31, 2007

The first actual viewing of houses

I am going today on my lunch break to look at two houses. I don't know why I am doing this, my house is not ready to have people come and see it; and I have to sell it in order to buy anything. But one of the houses is a house I really love. It has been on the market but out of my range, but yesterday they dropped the price! So I am going to go take a look, if it is half as cute outside as it is inside, I am in big trouble. I will have to put it in hyperdrive to finish the painting in my current house!And I just have no idea what I will get offered for my house and will it be enough to cover the cost or enough of the cost of this house.
All of this uncertainy is driving me crazy. I have never bought or sold a house before so the entire process is so new to me.

With regards to knitting:
I'm still working on the tank. I finised frogging the ribbing. Note to self do not frog from the cast on unless you have a love for pulling each individual stich out one by one.
I'm ready to start the arm holes now. I didn't get any knitting done on the commute this morning, I won't get any done at lunch, because of the house hunting adventure scheduled for that time. And this evening I have a thing after work.
I will be ready to crash when I get home. I have been so incredibly tired lately. Making it even harder to getting stuff done.

Happy Knitting everyone!


Amanda1 said...

Hi, Milly~

I'm sure you'll feel better once all this is over. Beween housing, selling the RV, and gardening, you've had a LOT on your plate. Make sure to get some good rest.

Dave Daniels said...

I hope that you got a chance to see the new house today. (And take pictures, too.)
Good luck, fingers crossed for you.