Monday, May 28, 2007

The Close of a Long Weekend.... seems sad really. To have had such lovely weather and been so productive and to have it all come screeching to a halt by a four day work week! But hey, could be a five day work week so we have to take life's little gifts when we get them! So what did I do with weekend that was so productive well lets see. It really started earlier in the week.

Took the RV for inspection, it needed new exhaust. The place doing the inspection doesn't do exhaust work, which begs the question how do they know it needs a new one, but back to the story. So I pick it up, take it back to Hampton, find a place that does exhaust work, but so that I do not have to pay the price of inspection again, I have to drive it back to the original place and let them see all the new shiny pipes under the RV. I accomplished this on Saturday morning.

Other things I did on Saturday:
While waiting for the RV to be re-inspected I walked across the street to the post office and mailed my friend her socks. I call them ugly socks even though they are what the pattern called for. I hope she doesn't think they are too ugly and enjoys them though. I will try to find a more likable pattern next time. I also ran to the grocery store, not, do you hear me not, my favorite thing to do and on a Saturday of a holiday day weekend? Seriously, what was I thinking? But, turns out it wasn't so crowded afterall. Also, bought bags, of mulch and some plants for the flower beds. I bought bags of mulch because the orchard and garden center that I normally buy mulch from in the form of a scoop of a front end loader, has decided that they will no longer sell only one scoop you must buy two. Well this would have been fine if I hadn't bought one scoop from them already last month and now needed a second, but not a total of three. So if your in the Hampton City area, do not try to buy mulch at Woods Orchard unless you really need a lot of it. So I bought mulch in bags and it work just fine. I actually had some left over and gave it to my neighbor.
I of course, came home and planted said plants and spread said mulch. See below:

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I spread some more around some existing plantings like the jasmine and roses:

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Was painting, painting and more painting of one of the bedrooms. I am hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon and really hope we find a suitable buyer and a house really soon too.

Was change the oil in the RV day, you may ask yourself perhaps the people who do inspections but not exhaust work could have done that. I have asked that as well. Apparently it is just something hubby enjoys, so no problem, we got it done.
I then worked on sprucing up the RV for sale also. Then went to visit the nursing home with Lily the therapy dog and ran some more errands on the way home.

On the knitting front I got very little done; except for frogging I was just ready to start the arm holes on this little tank up and still the ribbing was bugging me. So I decided to frog it. But not the whole bodice part, I went down to the cast on and started frogging backwards from there, that is taking an unexpected about of time and patience. Will keep you posted.

Hope all had a wonderful weekend!
Happy Knitting.


KimT said...

oh my goodness, you are a busy busy lady. The flowers look great. I am sure you will sell everything soon!

Amanda1 said...

Wow, you were busy! Your plantings look great!