Sunday, April 15, 2007

Very Mild Nor'easter

All week long they have been telling us of this storm that was coming. It was going to be wind and rain and thunder! Well I guess technically they were right we had two rolls of thunder today. We certainly got some rain but only one serious downpour the rest of the time was like a typical spring shower. The wind did blow but it was more of a stiff breeze than the 30mph gust they were talking about. Not that I am complaining mind you. Nor'easter typically tear this place up worse than the hurricanes we get, so I am grateful. But I wonder sometimes if our society hasn't just moved to such extremism that now everything is a disaster when it really isn't.

The silver lining in these friendly storm clouds is I am getting loads done by staying indoors today. Not as much knitting as you would think. I have been on a cleaning out the closet binge. I plan to knit this evening after I am too tired to empty another closet. The second and final baby bog jacket class is tomorrow and I haven't gotten to the point we are supposed to be at for the class but hey, no pressure right?

I found more yarn at another thrift store yesterday. This was two huge balls of exactly the same creamy color. I am keeping everything in plastic bags away from my stash until I an wash it and make sure there are not mothies in there. People must be giving away grandma's yarn or something. So I am hitting up the thrift stores for yarn stash. LOL. In addition to my regular trips to the yarn store.
So much yarn so little time.

Happy Knitting

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