Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th is gooood.

Happy Friday All!
Today at lunch I was completely bored, didn't know what to do. A co-worker suggested this little thrift store in town so I drove over there to check it out. I had never been there before. I found yarn! I bought three bags with four balls in each bag for 1.95. Most of it finger weight and only one bag even had two balls that matched but that is okay I can use it for something; baby socks, ankle socks or stripes in other socks. Something.

On the knitting front. I am up to 35 ridges of the 50 I need for class on Monday. I am hoping to have a very productive weekend. I am also continuing to work on some socks. I got all my little cousin's sizes from my aunt this week so I am ready to go to make them all something fun for this summer. Two girls and a boy. Any suggestions are welcome. They are 2, 6, and 8. I am thinking a little dress for the youngest one, maybe a dress or a swimsuit cover up for the older girl. I'm totally at a loss for the boy though. Winter time I would have it pegged sweaters all around! But summetime? Geeze it is kinda tough.

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