Friday, March 23, 2007

Yarn Sale!

Yep folks thats right, the fabric store in town which sells some yarn is having a sale all weekend!
They hubby told me to go on my lunch break today and stock up. He thought it would be best to give me yarn fix at sale prices! LOL. So I did. I used one of those hand baskets rather than a shopping cart because I was determined not to spend more than $50. I ran out of room and didn't even touch my limit. I might have to go back tomorrow. I bought some baby soft yarn for upcoming Baby Bog Jacket projects for all my cousins little ones and a nice spring sweater for the not so little ones.
Some more scarf and hat yarn for more Christmas presents.
I started to clean them out on sock yarn but controlled myself. But I have room on my self imposed limit so I might go back tomorrow. I had the largest shopping bag filled to the brim. It felt good.
I was having a semi crappy day at work, nut cases calling and treatening to sue and all sorts of nonsense, so buying gobs of yarn made me feel much better.

Rosie Update:
She is still doing pretty good. She is feeling very energetic today, so it is making her restricted activity level requirements harder to impose. She is mad because she had found a hard chew toy stashed somewhere and we had to take it away from her. She is mad because she wants to run and chase Molly and we won't let her and she is super mad because she can't play with her basketball in the back yard.
So currently she is here keeping me company in my little office at home. She still wheezes but it isn't has bad as it was and it isn't the hard snorting that she used to do. Also, no more snoring at night. Which I was so used to I keep waking up at night when I can't hear her breathing to check on her.
Thank you for the well wishes for Rosie, we need all of them we can collect.

Lucy, I have been cross-stitching for over 20 years. I have a ton of stuff I have stiched and haven't framed yet. I love working on uneven weave linens and other fabrics. I have don't mostly things to be framed, but also Christmas stockings.
I'll try to post some pics this weekend. I really really need to get some stuff framed.
I love doing houses, villages and doorway patterns. I also have a love affair with those big complicated patterns that take me a year to stitch. Ones with lots of colors. Although I have to say doing varigated is not my idea of fun. I did a pattern of the Governors Palace in Colonial Williamsburg and all the brick work was done in varigated thread. I nearly lost my mind! That was 90% of the pattern!

It is supposed to be a nice weekend here this weekend before it rains and turns cool again. I am hoping to get some early yard work done and my bed reading for planting. I don't have a lot of space for gardening but I do usually manage tomatos, peppers adn cucumbers each year. Last year we had more cukes than we could use, which was nice to give away.

I am 90% done with the scarf from hell. It is turning out nice, but I will be glad to have it done. I think I will take a break before starting the matching hat. I have time. Christmas is months away.

Well, off for more knitting.

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