Monday, March 26, 2007

Yarn Sale Day Two

The 25% off all yarn, yarn sale was from Friday until Sunday. So having limited myself on Friday. I got up early Saturday morning and went back for more. This time I got tons of sock yarn! And the cutest little tin box. They are decorated with old advertising photos for various sewing companies. I bought with an old Coates ad, featuring a little girl dressing up her dog. Who could resister. It is the perfect size to carry around a sock project without it getting jumbled in my purse.
I finished that darned scarf! Whoohooo! Dancing in circles here! I am going to wait a while before doing the matching hat. I'm just tired of looking at it. I started the socks for my friend in PA. I hope to get them done by mid week next. I would like to have them done by this weekend but I think that is asking alot of myself. Especially, since I have a test on Saturday morning to upgrade my HAM license. And I HAVE to pass it. So all this week I will be using some of my knitting time to take practice tests.
I have opted to take tomorrow off. I had an appointment in the morning anyway, so I decided to make it a day! I hope to get some knitting done and I need to take one of the girls over to the nursing home for a little visit.
I also scored a nice used 10 meter radio this weekend. Pretty excited about that.

I am very anxious to start the baby bog jacket class. I bought yarn to do other springy things for my other little cousins. I think I will start them before the class I think.
I found some wonderful deep purple yarn and some red to make a nice Red Hat Society hat and scarf set for a friend as well.
Lots of fun projects and I want to do them all at once!

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