Monday, March 5, 2007

Yarn Blues

I knitted all day yesterday. Pausing long enough to switch loads of laundry. I am four inches away from finishing my sock and I need more yarn. It is only supposed to take two balls but apparently my gauge is such that I require 2 1/4 balls of yarn.
So happy to have an excuse to go to the yarn store on my lunch break today I hop in my car and zip on over there.
Inventory stated they had two in stock, but they were no where to be found in the store. So the very nice lady took my information and will see if they are hiding themselves somewhere trembling at the thought of being worn on my hubby's feet. Or she may have to order me some. If she has to order it, it could be here by Friday.
But, I'm depressed about it. I was looking forward to getting them done.

On a lighter note it will give me a chance to frog than darn scarf that I started and totally hate the way it looks. I might try my hand at cables for this scarf. I need something different. A different look to the scarf.

Oh well, the silver lining is I can work on other things. I might buy myself a second pair of #2 needles and start "my" socks.

Nearly Happy Knitting

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