Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yes, it is here the first official day of spring! Naturally it is cold and cloudy today but the weekend is promising to be in the 70s! Yes! I can't wait so many plans so little time.
I signed up for a class at the yarn shop. An Elizabeth Zimmerman class and the project is the Baby Bog Jacket. I am so excited. I went out yesterday and scooped up some pretty spring yarn for it. I plan to give it to my cousin who has a new baby (she's almost 6months old) It is one of those baby soft yarns with varigated pinks, greens, blues and white. I can't wait to get started.
I bought all they had on the shelf just to make sure I had enough. And there is apparently going to be a big yarn sale this weekend. But they ran out of flyers so I didn't know about the sale so the nice lady gave me the weekend discount ahead of time because I was buying so much yarn and because I had no way of knowing about the up coming sale. Plus she gave me a coupon to come back this weekend and get 25% off all yarn!
My lucky day!
No luck yet on my gray sock yarn. I am beginning to plan how to get this done with what I have. I am thinking of frogging both socks and then doing the heel toe in a different color so that I can use the gray I have for the body and foot. I hate to start them all over again, but it seems like the only way I will get them finished.
Plus I am starting more, I am halfway through this darned scarf well okay maybe a little more than half way through. I had a very productive lunch break at work today.

I've also had a sudden urge to cross stitch lately. Not sure why. I don't have a particular pattern in mind or anything. Maybe because floss will be on sale this weekend. Not that I need any but you should never pass up a good deal.

Best news of all, is that Rosie came through her surgery yesterday with flying colors and was able to eat dinner last night and breakfast this morning. Always a good sign. She still has a two week recovery period though.
The vet says her larynx is still soft, but it is not any worse than it was before so hopefully we have slowed the process down quite a bit.

Well Happy Knitting from the land of gray clouds and tomato soup today!

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Lucy said...

Hooray for Rosie!!! (and you!) OHHHH, hope you start a little cross to see what you do!!