Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sewing Machines

Now I know why I am into the "hand" crafts. I learned what little sewing technique I know from sewing reproduction hats while working in Colonial Williamsburg ages ago. I learned to cross stitch at an early age. I recently tackled knitting and love it. So naturally any attempt at some sort of mechanical sewing was doomed from the start.
My darling hubby years ago bought me a sewing machine. I can't remember if I thought it was a good at idea at the time or if he was his vain attempt to domesticate me, but needless to say it has been in the attic since that time.
Recently I had a fit of creativity and thought I would make purses! That was a year ago Christmas, not one purse of made or fabric bought for it. And the sewing machine has sat in the corner of my office since.
Today I decide that I would make my own needle case. It certainly didn't look too difficult. I looked at a few instructions on-line. I have examine closely those they sell at the yarn shop and thought I can do that.

So today....I dust off (literally) the sewing machine, plug it in. Prepare the fabric that I have cut measured and recut. I thread the thread through all the little loops and holes that it could go through.

Turn it on the needle goes up and down, rather slowly but from a safety point of view I don't mind. Then I have gone a couple of inches and feeling pretty good about myself I look at the back of it!!!!! Birds nest! I don't even know where all that thread came from!
So I make some adjustments the needle goes up and down faster this time, same result.
I turn every freaking knob make more adjustments, faster, slower, less tension, more tension. Still a complete birds nest on the back! Furious I think fine, I'll do it by hand.
Did I mention that some of the fabric being used is denim? Not thick denim like in 501 jeans but denim, so I say okay maybe it is the fabric so I get something thinner, and try that, still birds nest in the back!
Okay, so now I am really going to do this by hand, so I get out a needle and my thread and start by hand. Okay I did mention the denim right? So my enthusiasm for hand sewing this lasted about four inches and I stopped. Okay so maybe it isn't as easy as it looks, but if I could just figure out this damn sewing machine I could have it done in an hour, I just know it!

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