Wednesday, March 7, 2007

It is a simple scarf. A scarf for a man. In a wonderful colorway called grapevine. But I have frogged it back to nothing five times. I just can't seem to find a stitch pattern I like for it. I tried basketweave, didn't want to do garter stitch, tried ribbed and frogged it. Tried something else and then frogged it. And back to ribbed again.
It shouldn't be this complicated.

Then on the way to work this morning. I usually have a nice drive to work even though it is a 25 mile drive. The traffic is usually fairly light and uneventful. Today, there was a two car accident off to the side of the road. One car was pretty mashed up but no one appeared hurt and there was one state trooper at the scene, this accident had traffic back up for miles in both directions, because people were being Lookie Lu's about the whole thing. I turn on the terrestrial radio for a traffic report. I knew as I was doing it, it would be a mistake. The traffic report comes on and nothing absolutely nothing is said about what has to be at least a 10 mile back up on the interstate. I should have known the traffic reports around stink!I turn on my trusty HAM radio and call to see if anyone out there as heard or seen what the problem is. Sure enough HAMs come through again, a guy traveling from Williamsburg to Hampton and seen the situation as he drove by and alerted me to the problem. Unfortunately, I was not in a position to be able to exit the interstate and take a back road. So I'm sitting in traffic grinding my teeth because I was actually going to be early this morning. While I am sitting there is started to hail!

I should have taken this as a sign of things to come. Work is a little hectic today. Last week it was in the 60s and low 70s today it is dark cloudy and hail. Go figure.

With weather like this it will be a good day to sit in the office and knit rather than going out somewhere.

Lily's look here says it all. This is how I feel today. And it is not just me, several of us in the office this morning were commenting on how long this week has felt and it is only Wednesday. It is strange because we all love our jobs.

Lily's expression just sort of says it all!

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Things have gotten quiet in the office all of a sudden. Perhaps there will be a lull during lunch.

Okay I frogged the scarf again. I have decided that double seed stitch looks best with this yarn.

I'm still waiting for my sock yarn to come in so I can hopefully finish my sock this weekend.

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Lucy said...

I just recently did that with some crocheting I was doing on fleece....nothing seemed to catch my eye!