Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Dog Ate My Yarn....and other misadventures.

Hope springs eternal on weekends you think you have two whole days and you make big plans for all the things you will get accomplished over the weekend and then there are my weekends......

I got up at 7am on Saturday morning to head off to HAM radio class. Not something I was in the mood for at all, but it was the last week of the book sessions so I felt compelled to go. It was sunny and in the 40s and I thought hmm could be a nice day. I bounced out of the house with books and coffee and a heavy sweater (no coat) because I thought, it is so warm in the sun now just wait until this afternoon at 1pm when I get out of class it will be awesome!
I came bouncing out of class thinking I might actually pass the test in two weeks and stopped dead outside the door leading to the parking lot. It was cold! The sun was gone nothing but a solid mass of gray clouds. I ran to my truck and cranked on the heat, as I pulled out of the parking lot onto the four lane road, ice pellets started bouncing off my windshield!
ICE? What is going on? It was 82 this week, and while 40s are definitely colder no one said anything about a wintery mix! As I traveled home it would start and stop. I had errands to run today and my mood for that task was vanishing quickly.
I got home wondering if my hubby will think we can make due with the food we have and skip the store today. But before I can begin to convince him that grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup would be fine for dinner later, he proceeds to show me the yarn my sweet Lily found and thought it was in the shape of a ball therefore it must be a ball! Which of course is now in the shape of one very large knot! That happened to the the wonderful purple sock yarn I had just bought and yes, I'm a knot head for leaving it on the table where she could get it when she crawled up into my chair. So the obvious solution is that I need to untangle it and rewind it but it will be in now known shape or form like a hank so... I must have a ball winder and if I am going to buy a ball winder, I might as well buy a swift and if I have to go to the yarn store today and yes I must, then I might as well go to the grocery store. Seemed like a fair trade off, really. I could get knitting supplies, my hubby could get food.
So off we go, the yarn store is in Williamsburg 25 miles from my house, but a small trek when faced with such an emergency. I had been meaning to put a ball winder and swift anyway. So off we go, I stop at one craft store, not exclusive to fiber arts but who had a ball winder $20 cheaper than the one at my yarn store, but no swift so I get that one (as it is nearly identical) Then I notice a new shipment of needle cases. Hmmmmm. needle cases, my saga with trying to make my own with my sewing machine will be discussed a little later. So I grab a needle case, the latest knitting magazine I hadn't seen yet and we are again on our way to the yarn store.
We pull in the parking lot and the hubby begins to plead, you know I support your hobbies 100% but please please try to control yourself in here. I have no idea what he means! I am not on a yarn mission today in fact I have plenty of yarn at home in a heap! The mission is to unravel the heap and I need tools! As we approach the store I am reminded that it is St. Patrick's Day because there is a sign announcing all green yarn is on sale! All green yarn? Even the hand painted? My hubby groans.
Once inside I find they are also having two truck shows! Well this could be fun! I immediately head for the tools and notions section. And easily diverted by sweater buttons (I have yet to make a sweater, but the buttons are so pretty, ooh theres another shiny object) My poor hubby in a vain attempt to get me out of there as quickly and with little damage to the checkbook, grabs up a swift and says "isn't this what you need?" "huh?" "oh yes, I do need one of those, thanks sweety can you hold that while I check out the trunk shows" Knowing he has been quickly defeated sighs and smiles and tags along behind me. I manage to control myself and not by any yarn, but I did sign up for a sweater class, an Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater class! My husband happy that I wasn't buying more yarn agreed to the class, my husband who has five degrees is big on education so I tell him it is like continuing Ed. classes. I think he knows it isn't but pretends anyway and smiles as I write the check.

The ball winder:
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The swift:
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The needle case:
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This is what a yarn eating basset hound looks like:
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And Rosie who claims to have seen nothing, nothing at all:
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The Sewing completely possessed by some sort of gremlin or something. I have oiled greased, dusted, and replaced the needle (one I dropped down into the bottomless pit under where the needle goes and it won't come back out). I have have tried stitches at all tension levels, I am still getting birds nest on the back of the sewn item. I just don't get it! I have unplugged the beast and set it in the corner for now. I guess I am going to have to read the danged users manual that came with it, that I couldn't find and then had to download off the Singer website. Thank you Singer for making those available!

The saga of my freaking yarn!.....
Sorry I am starting to get a little annoyed at the whole yarn situation. Apparently, dark grey argyle is a thing of the past, something that seems to have gone the way of the dodo! Kathy, the wonderful lady at Knitting Sisters is trying desperately to find me one more ball of it. I only really need about a 1/3 of a ball to finish the last four inches of this sock. She had tried the company, various list serves and has now stated she thinks she might have some in her personal stash and is willing to bring it in. I really would feel bad taking from another knitters stash! I mean giving up stash is like giving up platelets or something. But, she is still trying other sources.
So if any of you have a little Australian argyle in dark gray that you can part with please let me know! I'd be willing to trade the following for it: cash, check, money order, one yarn eating basset hound, or something from my stash.

Happy Knitting!

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