Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Knitting Bowl

I'm not much into football, but I do watch the Super Bowl for the commercials usually. This year I found it disappointing though. But it is a great time to get some knitting done.
I think next year I might organize a knitting bowl, see how far we all get on a project during the game.

I had to frog my blanket and start over, but it is for the better. I am making great progress now. I need to work on a scarf as well, but I am saving that for lunch time breaks at work because it is much more portable.

It is cold here folks, the are recording the coldest temperatures we have had in two years. I realize for folks in the Northeast, my temps here aren't too impressive, but it is going to be 16F here tonight before windchill. We are not getting any snow or ice, which I guess is good, but frankly if I have to be this cold, I should at least have some snow to play in.

Of course 2inches of snow around here closes everything down. Schools, government, malls you name it. So couple of extra days off from work would be nice to get some more knitting done.

I am on such a roll, but at the same time I am in the black hole of knitting. I worked on my blanket during the whole Super Bowl and it felt like I got a lot done, but when you look at it, it doesn't seem like I have gotten very far.

Tomorrow begins sock class at Knitting Sisters, I can't wait. I have my little knitting tote bag all packed and ready to go. I have the software loaded in my computer that they are going to teach us to use, although I played with it this weekend and it is fairly self explanatory.

Work is awfully slow today I have this overwhelming urge to reach under my desk and pull out some knitting. But I have a feeling if I did that, I would suddenly have a lot more to do. LOL

Well that is all the news from here today.
Happy knitting.

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