Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Who doesn't love socks! Just about everyone wears them, everyone I know needs them and I have learned to knit them!
I am perhaps too excited about socks.
I went to my first sock class this week, it was the first of three. There are three other ladies in the class, we all have varying degrees of knitting experience. We had great fun and the class actually ran over the scheduled two hours we were having so much fun. We also learned to use a software program to create our own sock patterns which is very simple and easy to use.
So we all left with homework we have to knit down past the heel flap to the actual heel for the next class. Next class we will learn how to turn a heel.
Some of the ladies in the class had chosen brightly colored self striping yarn for their projects. I have to admit that in a ball the colorway did not appeal to me, but once knitted up they are gorgeous! I will have to try some of that yarn next time. I have a lovely gray argyle. I chose to make my first pair for my hubby. And he is not really into striped socks. So the next pair will be for me and in a lovely stripe pattern too.

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Lucy said...

I love knitting socks....I don't do it nearly enough to! Good luck!