Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rainy Yukky Day

And of course I am feeling better, but dont' want to go anywhere in this weather. It is cold and rainy here so I know my friends in PA are probably getting snow. I know they were expecting more bad whether this weekend. They have all had so much!
My friend Joanne is home from the hospital and I know she is very happy about that. I know I am happy she is home and on the fast track to recovery from hip replacement. Another friend, Lynne out in Washington state, is very ill and will be in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery as well.

But on the sunny side what a great day for knitting! Except I haven't done any because it is also a great day for laundry and cooking ribs in the slow cooker and everything else that doesn't get done during the week.

I did however, find more yarn this week, not that it is scarce or anything, but a friend of a friend who sews, you know those folks that are skilled enough to make clothes, said that a local fabric store here sold some yarn and reasonable cheap prices. And I'm not one to pass of a good deal on yarn or anything else for that matter. So I went over there, they didn't really have much of a yarn selection but I did like what they had. I bought some cotton yarn, called salt and pepper, it is black, white and gray. I think it will be a great scarf for my nephew. I was thinking of making something for him that looked sort of southwest. But I think this will be awesome. Plus I have never worked cotton before and I am looking forward to trying it. It feels so much heavier than wool.

I have finished the one sock I was working on and thank you to Lori who sent me a great link for using the Kitchner stitch, I have started on the second sock and it is going much faster than the first one. The blanket and scarf are still works in progress.

Yesterday, I went to my first class to prepare for the exam to upgrade my ametuer radio license to General class. It was a four hour class that was nearly five and just so much info to absorb! Next week will be even more demanding, as it will be the class for the math review (logarythms and square roots) and electronics. It is a six week course and so much info I can't believe it. But, keep your fingers crossed I get through this!

Well laundry is waiting and other fun chores, so I best get to it so they don't cut into valuable knitting time.

Happy Knitting!

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Lucy said...

We here near Pittsburgh PA got the freezing rain....I, therefore, chose to stay indoors and crochet!!