Friday, February 2, 2007

Knitting with an Astronaut

Have you ever considering knitting in space? I mean just think of the advantages, you'd never have to worry about dropping your scissors, no more DPNs rolling under stuff, they would just float around in front of you.
Last night I got as close as I am willing to get to space. Dr. Harrison Schmitt, who was an astronaut on Apollo 17 gave a presentation last night at the Virginia Air and Space Museum. My hubby is a huge fan of the space program and knows all sorts of trivia. He can name the astronauts from the various programs like Mercury, Gemini and the Apollo missions. So he really wanted to attend the lecture last night. He asked me if I would go with him. I'm not as excited about it as he is so I said sure, can I take my knitting? Naturally, he didn't care. So off we went. It was fairly interesting the parts I followed when I wasn't counting my stitches for my basket weave pattern for a scarf I am knitting for my niece's husband. I thought the scarf my be a little easier to handle than my monster blanket I am working on. LOL.
So it was a nice evening out and I didn't lose any valuable knitting time.

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