Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Good Therapy Visit

One of my extracurricular activities is visiting a local convalescent and rehabilitation center. My husband handles our Golden Retriever, Molly and I handle our Basset Hound, Lily. But, last night it was just Lily and I. We got there a little earlier than normal so residents were not finished with their dinner yet, which means we are not allowed on the floor near the rooms. So we sat up front in this living room like area they have and waited. We practiced some tricks like "sit pretty" and "roll over" plus our basic commands.
But, it turned out this was the best situation because as people started to leave the dining room they saw us on their way down the hall and stopped in to see Lily. We were they for over an hour and had one of the best visits. Family members are allowed to come and have dinner with the member of their family who is in residence at the home so Lily got a lot of attention from residents and guests alike, and staff, as always. Her floppy ears seem to draw a crowd.
There are typically more women in residence there than men, but we did have quite a few men this week and many of them had hunting dogs when they were younger one gentlemen was so excited to see Lily because he used to have a Basset Hound himself.
I think that will be our new routine from now on, is to get there early enough to catch people as they are coming out of the dining room and let them stop if they want rather than walking from room to room to see if people want to visit.
Lily was exhausted by the time we got home. LOL.

My second sock is processing very quickly. I did the heel flap and started turning the heel last night.
I brought it with me to work today in case I had time on my lunch break to work on it. But I have too much studying for Saturdays class so I think the sock will have to wait until tonight.

Happy Knitting


Lucy said...

I would love to do something like that with our Mastif/Lab. I'm a firm believer that animals help you live this rate I should live well past 150!!!

Stitches and Stories said...

Lucy, I really recommend looking into the therapy opportunities in your area. And a big dog is a lot easier actually. Lily is so short people in wheelchairs have a hard time bending down to pet her.
I admittedly get in a funk sometimes and need to get motivated to go, but the residents do love it! And the girls love it too, they think the nursing home is this big place design for people who just want to pet dogs all the time.