Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday with Rosie

Rosie, the mascot of my blog had surgery yesterday. She has a collapsing larynx. Our vet removed a lot of soft tissue to ease her breathing to hopefully lessen the stress on the larynx. Hopefully this will slow the collapsing process. But, our vet didn't think she was going to survive the surgery, but my girl is strong and she came through with flying colors! The vet was impressed with how she came through.
I stayed home from work to keep an eye on her today. She is sleeping in my hubby's chair with a blankie. But she has eaten today, which is good!
Hopefully she will be back over here in my chair and helping with my knitting in a couple of days. She likes to lay in my lap while I knit.
Knowing that knitting is a calming activity (or can be) I needed something to do while I was worrying about Rosie. So I finally figured out how to knit a mitten. Now I know millions of people knit mittens everyday, but just remember back to the first time.
Here's a tip for the really clever people who make patterns. If you are going to make a mitten pattern rated as easy please consider putting a graphic of the thumb gusset. I was having a hard time imagining what this was supposed to look like, but I jumped in feet first and figured I'd just knit it and see what it looked like when I got done. It only took me a day to make my first mitten. Today I will make the second one.
So my niece will have a pair of mittens to match the hat and scarf I finished last week for her.
So these mittens will have a story with them. They kept me from biting my nail while worrying about Rosie.
They are Rosie mittens.


Knit Knac said...

Milly, I am so releived that Rosie is on the road to recovery! I'm sure she will be just fine now!

Congrats on your first mitten! I think they are one of those things that you have to see how it progresses as it goes...then it's like, "oh, okay that makes sense!" LOL

Did you do two needle or four needle mittens?

Hugs to you and Rosie!

Stitches and Stories said...

I went with the four needle mitten. I am about half way through the second one, it is going pretty quickly.
Actually, I have a terrible time with twisting on DPNs so I started them on circular and then transfered to the DPNs. My cables for the circulars do not seem to be the right length for a mitten I have five inch and then it jumps to 9 inch and it seems I need something in between at least for these mittens.
Thanks for thinking of Rosie! She did help me knit a little today!

Ranger Susie said...

Good job on figuring out the mittens on your own.

Hope Rosie continues to mend well.