Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Second Mitten Saga

Okay, I still haven't finished the second mitten. It seems to be taking such a long time considering I was off to such a great start. I am stitching up the thumb today so I should have it finished and ready for blocking. I finished up the hang part last night. I also went and bought three of the latest knitting magazines yesterday while out running my weekly errands so there are lots of inspiration in there! My hubby can't wait for me to make him a sweater. oye! I am feeling pretty clever over my mittens but a sweater? Hmm. That could be interesting. There are two pullovers that claim to be "easy" in one of the magazines I bought. I will have to try one and see just how "easy" it is. They all call for straight needles though, I was really hoping to make one on circulars and not have to seam it. I'm not very confident in my seaming abilities.

Progress report on Rosie, she is feeling better. She has put some weight back on and is back to fighting with her Basset Hound sister, Lily. Which added a few gray hairs this week. She goes back to the vet this week, so hopefully, we will have continued good news.

Another hobby of mine is HAM radio, and my hubby and I spent the better part of yesterday installing a new mobile radio and antenna in my truck. Considering I drive 25 miles each way to work it will be nice to be able to reach someone including my hubby on his radio should I need help. Yes, I do also have a cell phone, but radio is faster, there is always someone on the air. And the county where I work does not have very good cell phone coverage so sometimes it can take a few minutes to get a signal. Radios are also more reliable in severe weather around here. Cell towers can be blown done or lose power. You only need 12 volts to run these radios and you can get help if you need it or help someone else.

Today it is in the 50s again, but until yesterday it is cloudy and rainy so an excellent day for finishing my mitten. Rosie is not interested in knitting today so Lily is here at my feet to help me finish it up.

Happy knitting everyone!

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