Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Perfect Day

Imagine you are riding in the car to go out and find something to do for an afternoon with your spouse. And he says why don't you show me the yarn store you love so much, so I can see where all the money goes and laughs. You laugh but agree wondering if you should really show him because then he will know where to find you when you are having a "me" day. But, what the heck you know where he hangs out I mean it has a huge sign that says "LOWES" you know he is in there right, so fair is fair.
You go into the store, he is the only man in there so the other knitters are giving you sideways glances wondering if he the rare creature, a man that knits, or have I brought him into our hideout? He helps me pick out sock yarn for my upcoming class to learn how to make socks. Stands quietly by while I ask a few questions. Then realizes the store contains books! He is a librarian after all so any hobby that has books written for it or about it can't be all bad. He runs over and starts pulling different books off the shelf to suggest that I buy them. The first three I already had, but look at the others he pulls out. I ultimately pass on the books, the he spies software, computers and radios being his hobby he realizes the value of software and insists that I get it. It is the software we will learn to use in the sock class to make our own sock patterns so I buy it. I then get a 52'' cable for my Denise Interchangeable Needle kit so I can try to make an afghan. We look at more yarn and he asks is there anything else I need. I buy a cute little ball cap with the stores logo on it. And then I pinch myself. NO! I'm not day-dreaming I really do have an awesome husband and all of this is true! We have spent a ridiculous amount of money on some really great argyle sock yarn, plus needles in size 2 and other accessories and the software.
Oh happy day!
Then he takes me out to lunch!
It was a perfect knitters day!

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Knit Knac said...

Milly, you lucky girl!

Tell hubby he is a sweetheart!

I am so glad you had a perfect day! It sounds like hubby had fun, too!