Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, welcome 2007!

I rang in the new year last night by frogging a hat for the fourth time. My first hat went pretty well and after starting on the circulars and switching over to DPN's I thought shoot, I will just do my next hat on DPNs! NOT!. I have started and restarted on the DPNs four times. Everything starts off nicely. I get my first three or four rows going and then somehow someway, I look and I've got two right sides face out and one right side facing in and I can't figure how how I am doing it. And I have done it four times! I am so careful not to twist and the joining seems to go off without a hitch but somewhere a little yarn pixy comes and twist the heck out of my stuff. Then last night somehow I was only knitting on two needles the same two needles! I have like three rows on one and only one row on the other two! How does this even happen!

So I decided I needed some sort of victory something to prove to myself I still had brain cells that were firing correctly. So I made myself a yarn jar. You may have seen these in craft stores You put your yarn inside and the screw on lid has a whole to feed the yarn through. I thought well that is handy. But $17 is a lot for plastic jug.

So I took a large plastic jar at home I think it once had pretzels or something in it from one of those warehouse stores. I cleaned it out and my hubby drilled a hole in the lid for me.

I think lined the hole with black electrical tape, it is thick and slick and would allow the yarn to slide though easily.

I am going to get some pretty contact paper or something to cover the jar with but here is how it looks this morning.

And a child's hat might be kicking my butt but as least I can make a yarn jar! Take that you yarn pixies!
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Knit Knac said...

Hi Milly,

I love your yarn jar! Very clever!

How's the hat coming? Are those pixies still playing tricks on you? :)