Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I finished the second mitten! Whahooo! It turned out pretty well I think. I decided my next project would be a blanket for my hubby's chair. But I wanted something bigger than your average throw. So I pulled out my brand new 52" cable and cast on. I thought I would use the basketweave stitch. I haven't used that one before and I thought this would be a good way to learn it.
I filled up the whole cable and I am off and running.
After knitting the first row I began to wonder if perhaps I should have cast on a few less stitches and perhaps made long strips and sewed them together. I have quite a lot of yarn on these needles.
But, then I thought no way! Suck it up! I will make four large squares and sew them together. That way I am sure to have the blanket big enough.
I am on row 3. It takes a while to repeat to the end of the row! LOL. And I may soon have to switch to a larger project bag! But I will not be denied my large blanket!

I am on row 5 of the blanket. It is huge, but I like it and I think I will stick with it. It might be more than I should take on at a time, but it will work and it will be fabulous.
The blanket lives on - Today.

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