Thursday, January 4, 2007

Circular Needles Revisited

Perhaps in my last post regarding circular needles I was a bit hasty. In my own defense it was my first time using them. I have since tried to start a hat on DPN's not as easy as I thought that would be. But, you must have the right tool for the right job so....yesterday I went and bought a set of Denise Interchangeable needles! Oh my gosh I love them. I started my second hat for like the fifth time on them last night and I am just about half way finished with the hat! It is going so smoothly I can't believe it. I feel like a pro!

Having starting the hat over again last night and things were going so smoothly today, I found myself making lunch choices to bring to work that would not take away from my knitting time. We had some take out that my hubby offered, said I could warm it up in the microwave at work. No! that takes too much time, too much valuable knitting time! I brought a plain sandwich, I can eat that at my desk before my "official" lunch time starts and have a full hour to knit. Except that my boss chose today to take me out to lunch, which was really nice of him. So no knitting until I get home tonight after dinner. I am starting to recent the need for mealtimes it is cutting into knitting time.

I will post hat pictures soon.

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Knit Knac said...

Hey Milly!

Can't wait to see your hat pics! I am so glad you are now enjoying the circulars. I will have to get a set of the interchangables!

I had to chuckle over the eating vs knitting! I carry my knitting with me just never know when you may be able to squeeze a few rows in! LOL I find myself asking DH, "Do you think it would be rude if I took my knitting to so and so's?" To which I get a look like..."why would you want to?!" LOL