Saturday, January 20, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

So here I sit toasty and warm in my den, a glass of Reisling, my blog, my Basset Hound Lily sleeping with her head resting on my foot and keeping it warm and a pile of newly purchased yarn just waiting to make something of itself.
Just last week we had tempatures in the 70s. Of course, everyone was complaining it was too warm to be January and we were all be sick with these crazy tempatures. Well, today it didn't get out of the 30s and of course there was the wind chill to consider. We are much more fortunate than many other parts of the country and the world for that matter. We have not yet had any rain, sleet or snow.
So naturally, they are forcasting a change for tomorrow and into Monday. I have to get Rosie to the vet first thing Monday morning for a biopsy and I am hoping the roads are not icy, I will be a nervous wreck already worrying about her. She is a very high risk candidate for anathesia, but there is no other way to get the biopsy from the mass in her neck which is pressing on her windpipe, so I have to do something and I have to do quickly before it gets worse.

In times of stress I knit, when I need to relax, I knit, when I have to wait more than five minutes for anything, I knit. When I am waiting TV or a movie, I knit so I stayed up last night and finished a scarf and hat set for my neice.
The scarf was done with P3 for the first and last three stitches in each row and knit in between. The hat I knitted in K2P2 to sort of match the edging on the scarf. I think it has a retro sort of shape to it and I like it. I hope she does too.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I then felt the need to knit something else but didn't know what i was in the mood to knit because my skills are still somewhat limited. I wasn't really in the mood to start another hat or scarf to tell you the truth. So today I went out and bought enough yarn (I hope it is enough) to knit an afghan. I bought 52" cable last week for my circular needles and so I might give it a go and see how that works. I am still deciding on the stitch pattern though. I am leaning towards doing a K1 P1 for the first inch or two and then P3 Knit and P3 on the subsequant rows after that until I get to the end and then K1P1 for the final inch or two. I haven't worked it all out yet.

I have plenty of yarn and plans for more hat/scarf sets for other family members and I may start them on another set of needles to have something more portable.

Please keep Rosie in our thoughts and prayers this coming Monday.

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