Saturday, December 30, 2006

Finished the Hat

Well, I got through the circular needles, used DPNs and finsihed my hat. Now as many first trys go this is not perfect but it passes for a hat. And I might not be too embarassed to wear it in public. On to the next hat!

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Working with Circular Needles

After successfully completing three scarves, I decided they needed hats. My friend Lori, posted a wonderful and free hat pattern on her blog so I printed it off and decided to use circular needles for the first time. Why circular needles you ask?
Because, have read and heard that they are less scary to a beginner knitter, like myself. I have heard them referred to as "magic" I thought this could be right for me and the look less dangerous than the DPN's of which I also have a set in the correct size for this hat project.
I gathered my yard and circulars and sat down to cast on and begin learning something new!

I learned something alright in the first 30 minutes I learned that the reason they are held together with a cable is so you can keep track of the second needle while jamming the first one in your eye for even thinking I could do this. I also learn they are magical in the same way that star shaped marshmellows soaked in yellow food coloring are magically delicious! But charged on! I had been able to cast on and learn to bind off, I can knit and I can purl, I will conquer these cursed circular needles!

After about an hour I had the hang of it. The yarn was sliding more smoothly over the needles and my K1P1 ribbing that I was attempting for the first time was starting to look like ribbing.

But, I have to say that you haven't frogged until you have frogged on circulars! What was fun!

Today, I have about 3 1/2 inches of this hat on the needles and it is moving much more smoothly now. I may in fact have a hat by Sunday. But even, if I don't it is a learning experience and the next hat will be gorgeous!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day, oh Christmas Day

A Christmas tradition for my hubby, myself and our three dogs is to get up Christmas morning have a light breakfast and have a quiet relaxing day. Today it is chilly enough for a fire, but it is also very rainy and gray outside. Normally, I would find this weather depressing but as I plan to stay inside today and relax it is quite appropriate.
I have started on next years Christmas gifts already. I have begun a scarf for my neices son. I decided to try something bold and add stripes. The scarf is federal blue with two black stripes at each end. I want to make a matching hat as well. I have found some simple patterns for the beginner and I am hoping I can manage at least one of them well enough to actually produce a hat.
I am so anxious to make sweaters and shawls and so many of the pretty things I see in the knitting magazines! But, I am still confused by some of the directions. I am checking the knitting class schedule as we speak here to see when the next class is. I have just got to knit more stuff!
My thought is to knit all the girls in the family next year some type of shawl or blanket coat with making accessories. Not sure about the boys yet. Maybe I'll be up to doing a sweater by then. I hope so!

A new tradition we started this year, was to take our therapy dogs to the nursing home on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful time with the residents and staff! Everyone was in a festive mood, and a few people even took a break from the football game to visit with the dogs!
The residents enjoyed it so much we will be making that one of our traditions in the future!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The start of Christmas Vacation

I was to start Christmas vacation tomorrow, but due to a virus that as been running around my office, I started today, sick! I am most unhappy about being sick and hoping it doesn't cut into my vacation time. I have six wonderful days off!

The day was not a total waste though, I was able to finish scarf number 2. Basic black worsted wool for my hubby. Which is the least I can do because Tuesday night he wanted to go out for a little bit to pick up some odds and ends and asked me if I wanted to go to the craft store! No my ears did not deceive me he was actually willing to go with me to the craft store, now this is not at wonderous at the yarn store, but they do sell a variety of knitting items so who am I to pass up the opportunity? I bought a few gadgets like darning needles which I will most certainly need once I learn to make socks!

So I have made two scarfs with the basic knit stitch, time to move on to the purl stitch and some other items. I bought some circular needles. I'm not sure if I will like them but they look less intimidating than using four straight double edged needles at once. I am going to check my reference book tonight on the making of a hat.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas!
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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Evening

I'm taking a break from an evening of knitting while watching Christmas movies on TV. I'm about 3/4 of the way through my second scarf. I have knitted off and on all day between, raking leaves, helping the hubby change the oil in the car, give Molly our Golden Retriever a bath and a walk and taking Rosie, our Bulldog and Lily our Basset Hound for a walk. When the hubby can't walk with us, I get two walks a day, good way to lose weight. LOL. I also baked some fresh pumpkin today. It has been quite the busy day and I'd still like to get a little more knitting done tonight.
I see our friend Lori stopped by the blog, thanks Lori! Look forward to seeing you here again.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Second Scarf Underway

Well it would seem I am on the road to scarf heaven. I have friends making requests already. I am currently knitting one for my hubby. He likes is simple and black so that is what I am doing. The yard is worsted wool, black, no dye lot on 8 US needles. I'm about half way done. I usually work on it on my lunch break at work or if I am watching a movie at home in the evenings, which hasn't been in a few days. I hope to work on it some more this weekend.
While I know some folks make scarves for a while, I am looking for the next class at my knitting shop. I am anxious to learn how to knit hats!

By the way Rosie, the bulldog is grumpy this morning. Nothing like a bulldog that wakes up on the wrong side of the bed! She is not sharing her toys this morning and chewing her chew toy behind the coffee table. Go figure.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

First Project

This is my first project. I started it in my knitting class and finsihed it a week later. It was made with Plymouth Yarn Mega Colorspun. 75% Arycilic and 25% wool. I used US 15 needles. And added the fringe. I made it extra wide because I don't like scarfs that ride up under my coat and expose my the back of my neck. No chance of that with this scarf!

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Hi, My name is Milly and I am very new to knitting. I started this blog to chart my progress and to help others who may be just starting out. I found some great blogs of people with more skill than myself, but not too many for those of us just learning the stitches and the lingo. Hopefully we can all learn together here.
My other interest are book collecting, my dogs and cross stitching, those topics may appear from time to time as well.

So far I have attended a beginners knitting class at my local yarn shop Knitting Sisters, which is an awesome place! And have completed one scarf for myself and started a second one for my hubby.

I will post details of those projects later with pictures.

Come in and enjoy some stitches and stories.