Friday, December 29, 2006

Working with Circular Needles

After successfully completing three scarves, I decided they needed hats. My friend Lori, posted a wonderful and free hat pattern on her blog so I printed it off and decided to use circular needles for the first time. Why circular needles you ask?
Because, have read and heard that they are less scary to a beginner knitter, like myself. I have heard them referred to as "magic" I thought this could be right for me and the look less dangerous than the DPN's of which I also have a set in the correct size for this hat project.
I gathered my yard and circulars and sat down to cast on and begin learning something new!

I learned something alright in the first 30 minutes I learned that the reason they are held together with a cable is so you can keep track of the second needle while jamming the first one in your eye for even thinking I could do this. I also learn they are magical in the same way that star shaped marshmellows soaked in yellow food coloring are magically delicious! But charged on! I had been able to cast on and learn to bind off, I can knit and I can purl, I will conquer these cursed circular needles!

After about an hour I had the hang of it. The yarn was sliding more smoothly over the needles and my K1P1 ribbing that I was attempting for the first time was starting to look like ribbing.

But, I have to say that you haven't frogged until you have frogged on circulars! What was fun!

Today, I have about 3 1/2 inches of this hat on the needles and it is moving much more smoothly now. I may in fact have a hat by Sunday. But even, if I don't it is a learning experience and the next hat will be gorgeous!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Milly!
I'm glad you're giving the circular needles a try! They can be a challenge at first though! As you seemed to have discovered! ;)

I have no doubts that you will do just fine...if I can do it, you certainly can!

Good Luck and Have Fun!