Thursday, December 21, 2006

The start of Christmas Vacation

I was to start Christmas vacation tomorrow, but due to a virus that as been running around my office, I started today, sick! I am most unhappy about being sick and hoping it doesn't cut into my vacation time. I have six wonderful days off!

The day was not a total waste though, I was able to finish scarf number 2. Basic black worsted wool for my hubby. Which is the least I can do because Tuesday night he wanted to go out for a little bit to pick up some odds and ends and asked me if I wanted to go to the craft store! No my ears did not deceive me he was actually willing to go with me to the craft store, now this is not at wonderous at the yarn store, but they do sell a variety of knitting items so who am I to pass up the opportunity? I bought a few gadgets like darning needles which I will most certainly need once I learn to make socks!

So I have made two scarfs with the basic knit stitch, time to move on to the purl stitch and some other items. I bought some circular needles. I'm not sure if I will like them but they look less intimidating than using four straight double edged needles at once. I am going to check my reference book tonight on the making of a hat.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas!
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