Saturday, December 16, 2006

Second Scarf Underway

Well it would seem I am on the road to scarf heaven. I have friends making requests already. I am currently knitting one for my hubby. He likes is simple and black so that is what I am doing. The yard is worsted wool, black, no dye lot on 8 US needles. I'm about half way done. I usually work on it on my lunch break at work or if I am watching a movie at home in the evenings, which hasn't been in a few days. I hope to work on it some more this weekend.
While I know some folks make scarves for a while, I am looking for the next class at my knitting shop. I am anxious to learn how to knit hats!

By the way Rosie, the bulldog is grumpy this morning. Nothing like a bulldog that wakes up on the wrong side of the bed! She is not sharing her toys this morning and chewing her chew toy behind the coffee table. Go figure.

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Lori- All About Amos said...

Milly, your hubby should be very happy with his new scarf!

Happy Knitting and Blogging!