Friday, December 15, 2006


Hi, My name is Milly and I am very new to knitting. I started this blog to chart my progress and to help others who may be just starting out. I found some great blogs of people with more skill than myself, but not too many for those of us just learning the stitches and the lingo. Hopefully we can all learn together here.
My other interest are book collecting, my dogs and cross stitching, those topics may appear from time to time as well.

So far I have attended a beginners knitting class at my local yarn shop Knitting Sisters, which is an awesome place! And have completed one scarf for myself and started a second one for my hubby.

I will post details of those projects later with pictures.

Come in and enjoy some stitches and stories.

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Lori-All About Amos said...

Milly, I am so glad you started this blog! I love the color of your first scarf, and the extra width is such a good idea!