Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day, oh Christmas Day

A Christmas tradition for my hubby, myself and our three dogs is to get up Christmas morning have a light breakfast and have a quiet relaxing day. Today it is chilly enough for a fire, but it is also very rainy and gray outside. Normally, I would find this weather depressing but as I plan to stay inside today and relax it is quite appropriate.
I have started on next years Christmas gifts already. I have begun a scarf for my neices son. I decided to try something bold and add stripes. The scarf is federal blue with two black stripes at each end. I want to make a matching hat as well. I have found some simple patterns for the beginner and I am hoping I can manage at least one of them well enough to actually produce a hat.
I am so anxious to make sweaters and shawls and so many of the pretty things I see in the knitting magazines! But, I am still confused by some of the directions. I am checking the knitting class schedule as we speak here to see when the next class is. I have just got to knit more stuff!
My thought is to knit all the girls in the family next year some type of shawl or blanket coat with making accessories. Not sure about the boys yet. Maybe I'll be up to doing a sweater by then. I hope so!

A new tradition we started this year, was to take our therapy dogs to the nursing home on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful time with the residents and staff! Everyone was in a festive mood, and a few people even took a break from the football game to visit with the dogs!
The residents enjoyed it so much we will be making that one of our traditions in the future!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas!

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